a documentary film


1. How will I receive my screening copy of SEMBENE!?

1. For public screenings, we can provide it the film in one of three ways:

  • As a download that you can play on a computer
  • As a download that you can burn to a DVD
  • As a DVD that will be shipped to you

Instructions on downloading and burning the DVD are here.

The download codes will be provided two weeks prior to your showtime.

If you have requested a DVD, it will ship from Burkina Faso.

Please note, due to limited shipping budget, we prefer that you burn your own DVD if possible.


2. For house parties, we can provide the film in one of two ways:

  • As a download that you can play on a computer
  • As a download that you can burn to a DVD


3. For individual screenings, the film will be available via Vimeo free of charge for the 72-hour period June 9-11.


2. How do I spread the word about my public screening?

Marketing materials will be posted on our resources page. These include printable fliers and mini-posters and banners to be used with social media. For public screenings, we will customize these for you. We will also have a press release template.

We recommend that you:

    • use social media to promote your screening, and ask your friends to share
    • place fliers throughout your neighborhood
    • email local publicity using our press release template


    3. What else do I need to do to prepare?

    We recommend testing your DVD or computer video file in the venue at least a week in advance to ensure all is working.

    We recommend preparing the intro and post-film discussion. Finding a local scholar or filmmaker to host may also be helpful

    We recommend downloading our “questions for discussion” flier if you need suggestions.


    4. How do I collect feedback?

    Our website has two features we’d like your attendees to use:

    • an online survey to fill out
    • a video testimonial page

    Both will also be optimized for mobile.

    We will also ask you, as the organizer, for feedback after the screening, and may conduct a short audio interview with you.


    5. Why are you going to all this trouble to make these free screenings?

    Ousmane Sembene dedicated 50 years to creating African stories for Africans. The time and energy our team is volunteering is our modest “thank you” to him for his decades of work and passion. And his mission—to galvanize and liberate Africans—remains as important today as it was in 1957, when he published his first novel.